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February 2013 UOAA Update


February 2013 UOAA UPDATE



As the year moves on we continue to prepare for many things. We have Conference to prepare for in August, but we also have other things before and after that the UOAA is involved in.  We are a participant in the Digestive Disease National Coalition where my Vice President, Susan Burns, and I will be representing UOAA as we lobby our representatives on Capitol Hill. Additionally, we will be representing the organization at the WOCN Conference as well as the American Society of Colon & Rectal Surgeons Conference.  Our goal is to get out the word about the POSITIVE aspects of ostomy surgery and to convince both nurses and surgeons of that.


The goal of all these trips is to further the cause of UOAA. To tell the story of who we are and what we represent.  To tell people of the life we all can now have after our surgery, the life we were meant to live and be productive at.


We just finished our Strategic Planning Session last weekend here in Libertyville, Ill., and we all came away with a very positive feeling and one of accomplishment.  We plan for the organization and for YOU, so if you, at any time, feel that you want your voice heard, all you need to do is pick up the phone and give me a call. I DO answer my own phone and you will get an answer from me.  I can be reached at 312-466-3683.



UOAA UPDATES are our way of communicating to our members what is happening throughout the organization. It is our hope that this information will be passed on to your members by including it in your newsletters or by discussing it at your local support group meetings. We continue to look forward to working with you and to being an active resource to ensure your success.


I am blessed with the fact that all the members of the Management Board of Directors are the finest, hardworking bunch of folks I have ever had the pleasure of being involved with.  They are all committed to the cause and look out for all YOUR interests.  I am telling you all this because you need to thank them for the hard work they put in for you.  They represent YOU and in my opinion, they do a magnificent job. So pick up the phone or email them and say “thanks”!


As always, if anyone ever has any questions, comments or suggestions regarding the organization I am always willing to listen. I can be reached at and always look forward to comments that can be considered constructive to the UOAA.  We are here to build a strong UOAA, which requires ALL of YOUR input.



David Rudzin –President –

Susan Burns – Vice President –

Renee Rodak –Treasurer –

Esten Gose –Secretary –


Jim Moore –

Jim Murray –

Diane Miterko –

Lynne Kramer–




We are all working hard on the details of the 2013 UOAA National Conference to be held August 7 – 10, 2013, in Jacksonville Fla.


This year we are offering all ASG/individual sponsorship opportunities. For instance we are offering Hospitality Room Coffee Service – ½ day – $250 or full day – $500; snacks – ½ day $50 or full day – $100. Your name/ASG name will be displayed prominently to let all know of your generosity.


Don’t wait too long to register. Conference registration is available on our website, by mail or call in your registration to the office.  You can reserve your hotel rooms by calling the Hyatt Regency at 888-421-1442 and don’t forget to mention the United Ostomy Associations of America to get the special conference room rate of $99/night + tax.


Because of comments and suggestions by you, we will be starting the conference workshops bright and early on Wednesday, Aug. 7, so we recommend that you arrive on Tuesday, Aug. 6.




Every year we take the time to honor an outstanding WOCN and this year is no exception. Within the next week you will be receiving an application for “2013 WOC Nurse of the Year Award.” Please consider nominating your WOCN, who has come to your meetings and who has made a difference in the lives of ostomates in your area.


During a conference year, we honor 4 individuals who have shown exceptional leadership in their local Affiliated Support Group. We will also be sending an application for the ASG Leadership Award in the next week. Please consider nominating one of your outstanding leaders.


This year we have decided to offer the “Top Doc” award. This award will be given to the doctor that has made a significant impact on your local Affiliated Support Group. Look for this application, too.




Have you gone through airport screening lately?  Well, I have and so has our board of directors. What we have all noticed is that it is so much easier for us, ostomates, than it was a couple of years ago. I think we’ll all remember the well-publicized story of the gentleman with a urostomy who had so much trouble during a security check. Now when you go through security, the agents know what an ostomy is and you’re treated with ease and respect.


We believe that this change is due, in large part, to the efforts of the UOAA ADVOCACY TEAM — Linda Aukett and Colin Cooke. They have met with the TSA many times and assisted in the  training of  agents. We all owe the UOAA Advocacy Team a big thanks. To keep this effort going we ask that you consider donating to the Advocacy Team. Simply send a check to the UOAA, PO Box 512, Northfield, MN 55057 and note in the check memo line “Advocacy.” If you choose to make your donation on our website, put Advocacy in the comment section.


Don’t forget that you can give recurring gifts on our website:


Thank you,

Dave Rudzin 


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Ostomy Awareness Day

Ostomy Awareness Day is July 31. read proclomation here

Conference Promo #7

Conference is quickly approaching. There is still time to make your reservations. You don’t want to miss out on a great chance to meet others, learn a great deal and see some great exhibitors.

Conference Promo #1

UOAAconferencepromo1 Check out the first Conference Promo!!!!

Register for the National Conference now. Time is running out. Get a great rate and come join us for a wonderful event. Reno is also holding it’s Hot August Nights at the same time. So, car lovers……. get registered and come enjoy some social time, learning and a great opportunity to bond with others, as well as some car sightseeing.

Hope to see you there!!!

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