UOAA National Conference- RENO

Pleased to announce that the 2011 Conference Slide Show is available now at Reno conference video – thanks to Nick for taking such great photos of our attendees and presenters.

The conference was a great one. All should make plans to start saving NOW for the Jacksonville, FL conference in 2013. Save those dollars, dimes, nickels and quarters. Put them in a jar. There are many ways to get the funds for conference, ask for funds to go into a savings account that cannot be accessed until conference time for gifts at Holiday time, birthdays and any other function/date that gifts are given to you. Ask friends and family to help you with your goal and if you belong to a church, do a bake sale to get funds to attend.
Conference is a rewarding event that you don’t want to miss. There is , not only, opportunity for learning but also time to meet a new ‘family’ and gain insight and inspiration.

Join us in 2013 for a great time in Jacksonville, FL.

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