National Awareness Bike Ride

Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Colon Cancer, Ostomy Surgery;
Three Strikes That Will Not Stop This Survivor from Cycling
Coast to Coast

Bob Baker, an ulcerative colitis and color cancer survivor, now living with an ostomy, will leave Stamford, CT on April 16th on his bicycle starting a 4,000 mile, 3 month journey that will take him cross country to Seattle, Washington. As Baker will tell you, “By making this ride, I want to show that it is absolutely possible to live an active, healthy life-style after ostomy surgery. I plan to use this event to talk about important health issues like Inflammatory Bowel Disease, prevention of Colon Cancer and the quality of life one can attain with an Ostomy.”

Baker knows from personal experience that ostomy surgery is often perceived as something really bad, something to be avoided at all cost. But for those who truly need it, it can be a lifesaver. Acceptance takes time and he knows that what you thought would be the most horrific thing you ever had to endure, often turns out to be an incredible blessing, even a turning point in continued or renewed health. For him it was the ultimate gift. Through this tour he wants to reach out to new patients and their families to give them hope and to get the attention of those who are putting off surgery because they believe it to be physically limiting and socially unacceptable.

To follow and support Bob’s ride go to the home page of UOAA?s website,

Bob is an active volunteer in UOAA, having served as its Vice President and ASG President

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