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UOAA National Conference- RENO

Pleased to announce that the 2011 Conference Slide Show is available now at Reno conference video – thanks to Nick for taking such great photos of our attendees and presenters.

The conference was a great one. All should make plans to start saving NOW for the Jacksonville, FL conference in 2013. Save those dollars, dimes, nickels and quarters. Put them in a jar. There are many ways to get the funds for conference, ask for funds to go into a savings account that cannot be accessed until conference time for gifts at Holiday time, birthdays and any other function/date that gifts are given to you. Ask friends and family to help you with your goal and if you belong to a church, do a bake sale to get funds to attend.
Conference is a rewarding event that you don’t want to miss. There is , not only, opportunity for learning but also time to meet a new ‘family’ and gain insight and inspiration.

Join us in 2013 for a great time in Jacksonville, FL.

Ostomy Awareness Day

Ostomy Awareness Day is July 31. read proclomation here

Conference Promo #7

Conference is quickly approaching. There is still time to make your reservations. You don’t want to miss out on a great chance to meet others, learn a great deal and see some great exhibitors.

UOAA / UOASL support

If you are looking to meet others, please come to a local meeting. If you are out of the area and looking for some online support, please visit the National UOAA Discussion Board

Medical Expenses Article

This article may give you some good insight to somethings that are classified as medical expenses, therefore, tax deductible.
Medical Expenses

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